2015 Rates

Daily Rate: $25.00

Weekly Rate: $135.00

Monthly Rate: $275.00

Tent Campers:  $7.00 Per Night (Per Person)

   Groups - Call ahead to make arrangements.  

RV Dump Only: $10 (and fill up with sparkling clean well water for free)

We accept Check or Cash ONLY.

If no one is available at office, there is a locked, steel can in which you can insert cash or a check. We use the Honor System.

If you want to sign in, we'd be happy to know you were here. If you don't want to sign in because you're traveling anonymously, that's OK, too.


Reservations or Questions

If you would like to reserve a space in advance, call us at 575.772.2727 or email us at ​stay@PieTownRVPark.com


Contact Us

Pie Town RV Park
P.O. Box 574
Pie Town, NM 87827
575-772-2727 or 888-PIE-TOWN (888-743-8696)



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